Diagnosis seen as a ‘life sentence’ for children

Results of a survey by MQ: Transforming Mental Health
Child with mental health diagnosis

The majority of parents of children diagnosed with a mental illness see the condition as a ‘life sentence’ with no prospect of relief.

Child with mental health diagnosis
Parents fear a mental health diagnosis in their children

That was the stark finding of research by the charity MQ: Transforming Mental Health.

It found that 67% of parents fear their child will never recover, while half think their child will never get a job if diagnosed with a mental health problem.

Effective help

Only about one third think their child is getting effective help, and 84% believe more should be done to tackle mental health problems for future generations. 

The charity’s chief executive Cynthia Joyce said: ‘Through a greater focus on research we can find the answers we need, deliver better treatments and give parents and children hope.’

Children in care

Meanwhile, the NSPCC has called for more help to support the mental health of babies and young children in care. 

The charity launched its Case for Change campaign, saying it feels the impact of infant mental health is underestimated. 

Research shows that babies who experience maltreatment risk mental health problems when they grow up.

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