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Stigma and help-seeking behaviours of men with depression: a literature review

Strategies that could be used to improve men’s engagement in mental health services

Exploring the benefits of a psychoeducation session for patients with chronic...

Recognising the co-morbid mental health conditions that patients with COPD experience

Raising magistrates’ awareness of dual diagnosis and community sentencing options

Rehabilitative options as an alternative to custodial sentences for vulnerable offenders

Understanding the service user’s journey through a transitional support service

An examination of a transitional support service from custody to the community

The ‘shift reflection’ model of group reflective practice: a pilot study in an acute...

Challenges that mental health professionals commonly experience, and the support they require

Differentiating between borderline personality disorder and autism spectrum disorder

Complexities involved in diagnosing and managing people with co-morbid BPD and ASD

Three issues for mental health nurse educators preparing new preregistration programmes

Areas nurse educators need to address when developing preregistration nursing programmes

Sensory modulation in mental health practice

An introduction to sensory modulation, identifying optimal practice and requirements

Timely diagnosis and disclosure of dementia for patients and their families

Mental health nurses have an important role in providing expertise to GPs

Veterans’ experiences of alcohol use of UK military personnel

On leaving active service, veterans should be provided with greater mental health support

Use of a mnemonic to support suicide intervention training for nursing students

Update your knowledge of the nurse’s role in suicide assessment and management

Effects of a mindfulness-based stress reduction group programme on family carers

Study identified that mindfulness skills can be used in various ways in family carers’ lives

An interprofessional practice development group for newly qualified and new-to-role...

There is a wealth of literature focusing on the transition from being a new graduate to...

Efficacy of mental health crisis houses compared with acute mental health wards: a...

Background Crisis houses are an alternative to acute psychiatric hospital admission. Aim To...

Rethinking concurrent disorders: implications and future directions for nursing practice

Concurrent disorders as conceptualised in academic literature and practice guidelines

Development of a suicide intervention training programme for secondary mental health...

This article describes the elements of a suicide intervention training programme, known as...

Using cognitive behaviour therapy techniques with people who hold delusional beliefs

This article uses a case study approach to increase awareness of CBT skills

Clozapine-induced constipation: a service evaluation

All nurses need to be aware of the dangers associated with clozapine-induced constipation