DVD review: Time to Say Goodbye

Primary healthcare nurse Mary Codling reviews Time to Say Goodbye.

Time to Say Goodbye

DVD / £4.95

Circus Scene and The Hands-on Company

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Dealing with loss and bereavement is difficult for most people but for people with learning disabilities it is often harder as they may not understand the process or be able to share it with others.

This DVD shows how Circus Scene and the Hands-On Company worked with a group of people with learning disabilities associated with the Wokingham Learning Disability Partnership Board to create a play focusing on bereavement and loss.

Coping mechanisms

The play reflected on bereavement by celebrating and valuing life. Drama techniques, puppetry and circus skills allowed participants to take snapshots of memories and explore what we leave behind us when we die.

The actors worked as a supportive group and the themes were drawn from their own experiences and perspectives.

This resource would not only support people with learning disabilities who are grieving but would also support carers who are helping them through the process. It could also be used in training events with staff or to explain the concept of death and bereavement for people with learning disabilities.

Reviewed by Mary Codling, primary healthcare lead nurse for learning disabilities at Wokingham hospital, Berkshire Healthcare Trust

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