Nurse invents app to reduce diabetes risk for people with learning disabilities

A nurse has invented a game app to show people with learning disabilities how much sugar there is in food and reduce their risk of developing diabetes

Learning disability nurse Adam Bennett with his Sugar Choice app
Picture: Crispin Rodwell

A nurse has invented an app to help people with learning disabilities to understand more about the sugar content of food and reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Adam Bennett, a learning disability nurse at Callington Road Hospital in Bristol, invented the Sugar Choice app during an assignment as part of his undergraduate studies at the University of the West of England. The app compares the sugar content of different foods using a game. Though it is an educational resource it is also designed to be fun to use.

‘One of the assignments was to make an accessible resource and I wanted to use new technology. I thought I would make a game for people with learning disabilities on how much sugar there is in food,’ Mr Bennett told Learning Disability Practice.

Expert help

‘There is nothing out there for people with diabetes and learning disabilities. It is simply designed,’ he said.

The app was tested with service users and health visitors before being launched on Google Playstore, and there has been positive feedback.

Mr Bennett confesses to have had some expert help with developing the app – his sister and brother-in-law are engineers at Google.

Find out more about the app, which is free to download on android devices, at

Mr Bennett was among nurses taking part in the Positive Choices and Positive Commitment conference at Trinity College Dublin in April.

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