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Syndromes: Pitt-Hopkins syndrome

A rare genetic disease where delayed development of communication skills is common

Developing a personalised tool to detect physical deterioration in adults with learning...

How a learning disability nursing student developed a tool to detect physical deterioration...

Effective reasonable adjustments for women with learning disabilities during pregnancy

Pregnant women with learning disabilities often encounter barriers to maternity care

Signs and symptoms of sepsis: raising awareness in the learning disability community

In sepsis, prompt diagnosis and immediate treatment are vital

Understanding and implementing the Mental Capacity Act 2005 in people with learning...

Changes to the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Act 2019, including the introduction of Liberty...

Managing an outbreak of COVID-19 in a learning disability setting

How containment measures, such as isolation and amendment of duty rotas, were taken
Open access

Social inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities in seven European countries

The need for educational collaborations involving academics, students and practitioners

Evaluating an evidence-based online screening tool to identify learning disability

Exploring the Adolescent Intellectual Disability Screening Questionnaire

Identifying risk of behaviour that challenges in young people with a learning disability

Developing a screening questionnaire to identify people at risk of behaviour that challenges

Supporting people with learning disabilities who identify as LGBT to express their...

The concept of intersectionality and its effect on the sexuality of service users

Blended feeding for children with intellectual disabilities in a school environment

Implementing this feeding for gastrostomy button-fed children with intellectual disabilities

Whorlton Hall, Winterbourne View and Ely Hospital: learning from failures of care

A reflection on the common types of abuse experienced by service users in health and social...

Using the semantic wave to support intellectual disability nursing students

How a conceptual tool can be used to support applying theory and evidence in practice

Preventing, assessing and managing constipation in people with intellectual disabilities

Causes and risks of constipation in people with intellectual disabilities

Barriers to and complexities of supporting paid work for adults with learning...

Employing people with learning disabilities on training programmes and research projects

Safe sexual well-being in adults with learning disabilities

How special interest groups can support safe sexual well-being

Using the technique of mindfulness in people with learning disabilities

Nurses have a key role in ensuring service users can access mindfulness-based interventions

Challenges in providing palliative care to adults with intellectual disabilities

A literature review exploring challenges for paid carers providing palliative care