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Alternative admission process for patients with an ASD and/or an intellectual disability

People’s experiences can be improved by ensuring a smooth transition to inpatient care

Functional assessments to involve service users in a positive behaviour support plan

Evaluating a functional assessment for people with an LD and behaviour that challenges

Supporting people with learning disabilities to have blood tests

This article describes a group intervention that took place primarily in a healthcare setting

Role of a learning disability nursing network in developing students’ skills

Why you should read this article • To enhance your awareness of how online networking can...

Development of training programme to manage behaviour

Some children and young people with a learning disability also present with behaviour that...

Exploring the value of reflexivity in learning disability research

Reflexivity can be used by researchers to manage their thoughts, feelings and preconceptions

Resource Buddy: an online resource to support mindfulness-based interventions

Exploring the evidence base for mindfulness-based interventions for people with LDs

The Telford model: inspiring new leaders in learning disability nursing

Supporting and mentoring learning disability nursing students can be rewarding for all...

Reintegration of people with mental health problems or learning disabilities from prison

The benefits of a communication forum specifically in support of community reintegration

Syndromes: Batten disease

A look at Batten disease, a collection of rare and fatal inherited disorders of the nervous...

Staff training in services for people who have LDs with behaviour that challenges

An interactive and collaborative approach may be most effective

Development of epilepsy risk assessment guidance for carers and services

Nurses need to feel confident about supporting people with LD affected by epilepsy

Puberty: challenges for adolescents on the autism spectrum

Nurses need an understanding of the root causes of problematic sexual behaviour

Syndromes: Sanfilippo syndrome

A look at this progressive and rare congenital lysosomal disorder

Emotion recognition and processing style in children with an intellectual disability

Processing style may affect emotion recognition differently in children and adults

Attitudes and perceptions of general nurses caring for people with learning disabilities

Literature review examining general nurses' caring for people with learning disabilities

Positive behaviour support standards audit of people with an intellectual disability

This article describes how PBS standards were audited in an assessment and treatment unit

Service provision for people in Scotland with an intellectual disability and dementia

Adherence to good practice guidelines for people with an intellectual disability and dementia