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The care needs of people with intellectual disabilities at the end of life

Supporting service users to receive end of life care from people they are familiar with

Predicting staff turnover in learning disability social care services

Identifying areas that can be addressed to reduce the turnover of staff

Functional loss in older adults with intellectual disabilities and dementia

In this population, functional loss could be an early indicator of dementia

Role of Admiral Nurses in supporting people with learning disabilities and dementia

An exploration of the role of the Admiral Nurse in learning disability services

Applying the principles of trauma-informed care in intellectual disability services

Outlining areas for future research and examples of trauma-informed care

Knowledge of social care staff about learning disability: 20 years on

There is an ongoing need for improved understanding of what a learning disability is

How one acute hospital responded to COVID-19 in people with learning disabilities

Royal Liverpool University Hospital’s response to COVID in the learning disability population

Developing an end of life care pathway for people with learning disabilities

A look at partnership working between learning disability and palliative care services

Evaluating written information about COVID provided to people with learning disabilities

Including people with learning disabilities when developing accessible information

Reflecting on the care of a person with a learning disability and uncontrolled epilepsy

A case study by a hospital liaison nurse for patients with learning disabilities

Mental health services for children and young people with learning disabilities

Findings from a local audit measuring access to mental health services

Supporting a young person with autism and a learning disability in service transition

The transition from child to adult services can often be challenging

COVID-related coping strategies for working with people with learning disabilities

Learn about pandemic-related stressors and coping strategies developed by support staff

Overuse of psychotropics: implementing the STOMP programme in clinical practice

Learn from a local community service’s strategy to reduce the use of psychotropics drugs

Meeting the mental health needs of a young person with an intellectual disability

Enhance your knowledge of the challenges for this client group in accessing services

Person-centred planning for people with learning disabilities and complex needs

Discussion of the barriers and facilitators to implementation of person-centred planning

Understanding trauma in people with severe and profound learning disabilities

Strategies you can use to support service users who may have experienced trauma

Adapting the Solihull Approach for staff caring for adults with learning disabilities

Enhancing practitioners’ understanding of service users’ behaviours that challenge