RCN congress 2019

Thousands of nurses are gathering in Liverpool for the annual RCN congress, which takes place between Sunday 19 and Thursday 23 May.

In the main hall nurses will be debating big issues including pay, uniforms, sepsis, sexual harassment, decriminalisation of prostitution and how to tackle loneliness.

Fringe events will also cover safe staffing, gang violence, suicide awareness and nurse-led social prescribing.

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Social media

Cancer nurses must embrace the power of the #

Nikki Morris on the benefits social media can bring to the nursing community

woman sits staring in a empty room

Loneliness has become a social epidemic and it’s harming health, RCN congress hears

College members want RCN to work with ministers to tackle loneliness

child looks out of window

Lobby politicians to act against child poverty, RCN members tell college

Nurse activists highlight effects of socioeconomic disadvantage on children and families

Congress applauds fire chief over trauma support

RCN members applaud London’s fire chief for supporting staff affected by traumatic events

St Mary's

Youth violence charity finds people often more prepared to open up in emergency settings

Redthread’s violence intervention programme provides hospital-based support for young people

Whorlton Hall

‘Urgent action needed to safeguard human rights of people with learning disabilities’

Nurses urge RCN council to lobby government, after BBC programme shows alleged abuse

Child being vaccinated

Measles outbreaks in Europe prompt call to vaccinate children

Parents urged to ensure those who have missed MMR vaccine receive it before they travel

Congress demands better healthcare in rural areas

RCN council told to lobby for better healthcare in rural areas amid ‘unsustainable pressure’

Zeba Arif

Sexual harassment of nurses is too often ‘brushed aside as a misunderstanding’

Congress wants employers to provide more protection for staff

Demands to show ‘resilience’ put greater pressure on nurses, congress told

Nurses struggling to cope in stressful workplaces are pressured by demands to show resilience

Congress demands mandatory sepsis training

RCN members back call for mandatory sepsis training after hearing survivor’s account

Leonore Newson

Multitude of nursing uniforms causing confusion in England

Congress discusses whether a national uniform should be introduced

Substance misuse: ‘Doctors have a support service and so should nurses’

Congress hears of initiative to offer psychological help for nursing staff

Bullying in the NHS: ‘Nurses must take collective responsibility to help tackle problem’

RCN congress hears nurses’ own accounts of workplace harassment

Nursing careers: website aims to demystify the range of jobs open to staff

Online resource explains progression opportunities for registrants and support workers

Nitrous oxide risks not widely understood, ‘even by nurses’

Mental health forum flags up dangers, such as breathing problems, burns and brain damage

RCN congress to hear call for mandatory sepsis training for nurses and midwives

Sepsis survivor Tom Ray will use keynote speech to campaign for better support for nurses

RCN congress rejects call to create elected general secretary

Some members believe high-profile role should be split from that of college chief executive