Digital literacy

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Every nurse an e-nurse logoIn this resource we provide a guide to digital literacy, from getting to grips with the jargon to understanding what the digital world can offer you and your patients.

Topics covered range from using e-learning in your professional development to getting the best from social media and online security.

We provide answers to some essential questions and, if you are already comfortable with digital technology in your professional life, we can boost your knowledge and support you in taking your next steps. 

Picture is an image from the Facebook page of  North Midlands Breast Screening Service showing ways to detect breast problems. Its project to increase breast screening uptake has succeeded by using social media posts and a messaging app.

How Facebook transformed our breast screening service

Uptake increased thanks to social media posts and a messaging app

Picture of members of a nurse-led digital health service who use a video link to triage older people in care and nursing homes, avoiding unnecessary admissions to the emergency department.

Nurses use video link to keep older people out of hospital

Link enables nurses to triage people in care and nursing homes, reducing hospital admissions

Digital health

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