Interview techniques

The key to a good interview is good preparation.

We have gathered together articles that offer advice for the big day and ways to improve job prospects for newly qualified nurses. Whether you are just starting out on your nursing career, are looking for a new job, or need help crafting a memorable CV - these articles are written with you in mind.

Ready, steady, go for it
Going into an interview feeling well prepared and confident despite any anxiety is the best way to boost your chances of getting the job, writes Daniel Allen.
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Kickstart your career
One of the UK’s largest annual jobs fairs will bein London again next week. The RCN Bulletin Jobs Fair brings together career-conscious nurses and organisations searching for the best in the profession.
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Debate, discuss, develop   
Attending RCN congress and exhibition is an inspirational experience that can bring new direction to nurses' professional development.
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Show them you’re a star
If you have an annual appraisal coming up, now is the time to review your accomplishments over the past year.
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A fair way to plan your career
The annual RCN Bulletin Jobs Fair brings together career-conscious nurses and the organisations that want to employ them.
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Best advice? Be prepared
As health service reform proceeds, people are likely to find themselves applying for jobs in new organisations or even for their own jobs.
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Interview tactics
Jobs are scarce, so it is more important than ever to prepare for interviews, writes Sam Windsor
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