Care plans and protocols

Health care doesn’t just ‘happen’. The care and treatment patients/clients receive arises as the result of a carefully organised process of:

  • assessing what the patient’s/clients needs are
  • planning how these needs can best be met
  • implementing the plan of care
  • evaluating how effective the care has been.

This is called care planning, and it’s something you’ll be involved with from day 1 of being a health care assistant. Your responsibilities may or may not include actually making entries to the care plan, but even if they don’t, the verbal reports you give to your registered colleagues will influence how they develop them. It’s therefore important that you know something about how care plans are developed, and even more important to know how to use them.

Many organisations have developed protocols to help ensure that patients/clients get the right care for their conditions. They set out for you the steps that should be taken to provide the right care and treatment and are key parts of modern health care. We will also have a look at protocols in this section.

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