Getting the correct equipment to manage and support incontinence is vital.

There are many agencies that produce equipment. Assessment with a specialist nurse or occupational therapist will lead to the most suitable piece of equipment being sourced.

Selecting the right equipment for the individual

It is important to understand that pads are not the only product available to manage continence; there are many alternatives that should be tried first. Take into account who is using the equipment and who is available to support the individual. Consider the type of incontinence the product is to manage, the cost, availability, and ease of use. Is the person using the equipment without support? How much urine or faeces does the product have to cope with? By getting the right equipment, the management of incontinence becomes easier in many cases.

Equipment available to help manage incontinence includes:

  • urinal
  • toilet seat
  • Seahorse/Flamingo toilet chair
  • bottom wiper
  • toilet frame
  • male and female uribags

Resources available

Bladder and Bowel UK (formerly PromoCon) is a great resource to direct staff and patients to. They have a range of equipment and ideas to manage incontinence in young or older people. Go to

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