Remembrance Day collection

Articles to read in honour of nurses' bravery and sacrifice in conflicts past and present

In honour of nurses' bravery and sacrifice in conflicts past and present we have gathered together a selection of articles around the theme of remembrance.

Remembrance Day 2015

These articles look at nursing during the First World War as well as more recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are also clinical articles to help support you in your practice.

Nursing during the World Wars

Nurse’s poem honours bravery of Somme soldiers

Cardiac nurse and spoken word artist Molly Case has penned a poem marking the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

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My grandmother and a nursing hero

Ruth Moore worked with first world war hero Edith Cavell, the British nurse executed for helping Allied soldiers escape Belgium. Her granddaughter Miriam Taylor, a nurse, talks to RCNi's assistant editor Clare Lomas.

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Inpatient mental health care in the first world war

Claire Chatterton looks at the sometimes traumatic impact on patients and staff of the decision by the War Office to requisition asylums for use as military hospitals.

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Health visiting and its role in addressing the nutritional needs of children in the first world war

Wayne Osborne and Sandra Lawton reflect on the early days of public health care and discover that the work of pioneer Ellen Woodcock was not far removed from the initiatives implemented by community nurses today.

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Clinical articles to support your practice

Care of veterans

Why you should ask your patient if they served in the forces

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Experiences of military nurses in Iraq and Afghanistan

This article reviews the literature on the experience of nurses during these deployments and, using a thematic analysis approach, aims to understand their experience.

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Role of the military community mental health nurse

The aim of this article is to understand the role and effect of a community mental health nurse (CMHN) deployed to work with military personnel during sea-based operations.

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Nurse education in the British armed forces

Defence nurses form the largest registered specialty in the UK defence medical services. Once qualified, defence nurses maintain and develop their nursing and clinical skills in appropriate healthcare settings, and can be deployed in operational environments such as Afghanistan.  This article explores the concept and the developing role of defence nurse lecturers in improving educational support for defence nurses.

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