Assessment Skills for Paramedics (Second edition)

Amanda Y Blaber and Graham Harris (Eds)
Open University Press
£26.99 | 336pp
ISBN: 9780335262168

Despite its title, this book has content that can be applied to many areas of clinical practice. The evidence-based text provides a logical approach to learning as well as undertaking a physiological patient assessment.

With lots of helpful illustrations, it lacks photographic examples of presentations or conditions. In addition to covering the usual physical assessment of respiratory, cardiovascular, and abdominal gastrointestinal conditions, this text covers mental and social health assessments to ensure a holistic approach to patient assessment.

The book is useful to student paramedics and those refreshing their practice. It is well-priced for those beginning or refreshing assessment skills, but those who are already in advanced practice may gain less from it.

Reviewed by Mike Brady, lecturer in emergency and unscheduled care, the Open University and clinical supervisor (paramedic), South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

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