I am learning how to deliver transformational care

Community matron Beverley Marriott blogs about why she wanted to take part in an older person's nurse fellowship programme

I have worked in adult and community services for 15 years and have always felt passionate about older people’s care.

So, when the opportunity arose to take part in an older person's nurse fellowship programme, I jumped at it.

The initiative, at King’s College, London, involves leading on innovation and improvement in care for older people, focusing on quality, safety and service transformation.

The fellowship delivers confident, competent and compassionate leaders who can transform person-centred services. Each of its fellows can become:

•  An expert nurse in the holistic care of older people.
•  An innovator in quality improvement and service development.
•  Skilled in the implementation and evaluation of innovation.
•  A recognised leader and role model in older person’s care.
•  A resilient and self-aware leader motivating others to achieve high standards in health and social care for older people.
•  An agent of change who can help shape the future of healthcare for older people.
•  Confident in disseminating excellence in older person’s care among national and international communities.

I have worked in a hospice setting, rapid response services, medicines management, admission avoidance teams and as a community matron.

I have also held a clinical lead role supporting adult and community services, and guiding the clinical and quality agenda. 

But I still had things to learn.

I applied for the fellowship because I thought ‘what an opportunity!’ Who wouldn’t want the chance to advance their knowledge and skills in the care of older people, and to meet so many inspirational people?

I thought the programme would be the icing on the cake in my nursing career. 

So what am I hoping to gain from completing this journey? 

I hope that the older person’s fellowship will help me become a more confident and competent leader by inspiring others to deliver safe, quality, innovative and transformational care. 

I plan to share my learning and experiences with others, while helping to improve older people’s lives and inspiring colleagues to do so too.

I hope to regularly update this blog and pass on any lessons I have learned. Wish me luck!

Beverley Marriott is a community matron at Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust


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