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These articles will help you whether you are at the starting stage of wondering how to become a nurse or are considering further training to help your continuing professional development.

Focus on offenders’ health
A new course is aiding rehabilitation, says Adam Horner.
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Racing back to hospital practice
An innovative training course is helping nurses get back on the ward, says Alison Handley.
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Getting documentation right
Accurate records help keep patients safe and protect staff against legal action, writes Nicola Davies.
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Learning curve
Sharon Hudson never regarded herself as an academic, but studying for a master’s degree helped her overcome her fears.
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Learning in a virtual world
Free online courses are starting to transform the way education is delivered to nurses, writes Daniel Allen.
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Think you could do a PhD?
Mandy Edwards says postgraduate research is a labour of love.
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Exercise for the brain
Jane Redfern Jones explains that up-to-date continuous professional development can result in greater job satisfaction and enhanced career opportunities.
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Stand out in a crowd
Are you looking for a new job? It is so easy to search vacancies online that it is easy to forget there are many other effective ways to search successfully.
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Could you be a research nurse?
The annual UK clinical research budget amounts to £8 billion, making up a third of all research and development expenditure in the economy.
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Be open to criticism and ideas
During my degree studies, I was introduced to research and its importance in helping to keep clinical skills up to date.
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Be one degree above the rest
Achieving a master's degree can boost nurses' confidence and professional aspirations, and in turn benefit the profession.
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Off to a good start
Induction to university lifeand ease of transition to higher education are vitally important for student retention, says Pauline Stuttard
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