Changing your specialty

Stephanie Shea explains why she switched working in an intensive care unit for an emergency department

Stephanie Shea never expected to work in emergency care.  She began her career in an intensive care unit (ICU) and did not think about changing specialty until, after experiencing work in an emergency department (ED), she found that she loved the pace and variety.


‘After years of working in intensive care, I would have said to anyone that I was an ICU nurse through and through,’ she explains. ‘I could not have imagined working anywhere else in my nursing career.

‘As any ICU nurse will tell you, there has always been a friendly rivalry between emergency and ICU nurses. But, by the end of my first day working with emergency nurses, I had developed a new respect for them.’

Ms Shea began nursing in intensive care after graduating from St George’s University of London, in 2008. She spent a year in the ICU at St Helier Hospital, Surrey, before moving to a unit at St George’s Hospital, London.

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This article was published under the original title 'Unexpected change' in Emergency Nurse, 9 March 2015, volume 22, issue 10. 

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