Clinical placements

What to expect from a placement in cancer nursing

Forget any preconceived ideas – in this positive environment you’ll learn transferable skills

Student placement

What is supernumerary status and why does it need protecting?

With placements disrupted by the pandemic, some view students’ special status as under threat

Your first patient death: how to cope and what it teaches you about end of life care

A student explains what she learned from the death of a patient during a placement

Don’t worry if you shed a tear

Looking after a patient nearing the end of life can be daunting, but one nursing student realised that through a caring approach he was able to make a difference

An insight into the hidden battles of patients with invisible illnesses

When nursing student Laurie Batchelor helped care for a patient in the community with cancer, she gained a greater understanding of the experiences of those living with invisible conditions

Student’s homemade songbook helped patients forget cancer symptoms

When nursing student Georgia Brain created a book of lyrics to help her patients remember the words of songs from their youth, she learned a valuable lesson about the importance of a patient-centred approach to care


The effect of music therapy in palliative care

When nursing student Rosie Emsley used her musical talents to entertain patients, she learned what a positive impact creative approaches to care can have on health and well-being


The emotional toll of nursing

Caring for patients with cancer on her first clinical placement taught nursing student Charlotte Milliken about the emotional resilience required to be a nurse


Coping with the death of a patient for the first time

The emotional toll of caring for a patient at the end of life taught nursing student Garritt Brown that it is okay to ask for help.