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Forum focus: nursing awards could explore offering more career development opportunities

Award-winning nurses should be offered mentoring or funds to attend conferences

Award-winning nurses should be offered mentoring or funds to attend conferences

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RCNi Nurse Awards

On Wednesday 3 July the winners of the RCNi Nurse Awards will be announced.

Almost every industry has awards of some nature to celebrate the best in their fields. I recently attended the Roux Scholarship award for young chefs, in London, a competition for chefs aged under 30. 

I was struck by the emphasis on career development, supporting the next generation of leaders in their industry and the presentation of prizes to encourage this. 

Not only did the winner get a fantastic career opportunity to travel and work in a restaurant of their choice anywhere in the world, the runner-up got money and equipment to help them develop too.

Nursing could learn from this. We should think about giving career development opportunities to the winners and runners-up at our awards. 

Career development

Although the RCNi Nurse Awards cover the breadth of the profession, and are not necessarily focused on the under thirties, offering a prize that would enhance, refresh and support career development should be considered.

This could be an opportunity to visit a hospital in the UK, work with leaders, or spend time being mentored, or it could be the offer of funding to cover the costs of attending an international conference of their choice.

I am sure this idea is not a revolutionary one, but in an environment where funding for continuing professional development and conferences is at an all-time low, it would offer the winners and runner-ups a fantastic opportunity. 

In essence, it would extend the celebration beyond the award ceremony and continue alongside clinical practice. 

This is my last regular column for Cancer Nursing Practice as I’m stepping down from my role as RCN cancer and breast care forum chair later this year. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported and read the column. Hopefully I will be back writing in some guise in 2020.

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Susanne_CruickshankSusanne Cruickshank is chair of the RCN cancer and breast care forum

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