Fast Facts: Myeloma for Patients and their Supporters

Haematology clinical nurse specialist Charlotte Bloodworth reviews Fast Facts: Myeloma for Patients and their Supporters

Fast Facts: Myeloma for Patients and their Supporters

Karthik Ramasamy (Ed)

Fast Facts/Health Press

£6 | 28pp

ISBN: 9781910797341

This is a great medically-orientated booklet directed towards new patients and junior staff looking for ‘fast facts’ on myeloma.

Fine detail

It is reader friendly, with good evidence-based information and excellent graphics. It has a particularly good section on the various treatments available and finishes positively with a detailed section on upcoming research showing the future is definitely bright in the field of myeloma treatment.


As a nurse looking after myeloma patients daily, I have one criticism on the section on symptoms. It does not mention pain, which is one of the worst and most common symptoms. Nor does it mention the significant psychosocial effects that the symptoms of myeloma have on a person’s life. In fact, the holistic aspect of living with myeloma is not really addressed at all.

Medically focused

The primary aim of myeloma care and treatment is to maximise patients' quality of life for as long as possible and the booklet does not really provide any ‘fast facts’ about this as it is medically focused.

I would highly recommend this booklet to new patients, their families and friends and junior staff not experienced in haematology to gain basic medical facts about the disease. It would be great to see more fast fact booklets about living with myeloma and how nursing staff can maximise their support to enhance quality of life for those with myeloma.

Reviewed by Charlotte Bloodworth, haematology clinical nurse specialist at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

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