Book review: Revalidation: A Journey for Nurses and Midwives

Lead nurse Carolyn Middleton reviews: Revalidation: A Journey for Nurses and Midwives

Revalidation: A Journey for Nurses and Midwives

Marianne Fairley-Murdoch and Paula Ingram

McGraw Hill Education

£19.99 | 224pp

ISBN: 9780335261420

This publication informs individual registrants of the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s revalidation requirements.

While I would recommend it to registrants wanting a comprehensive understanding of revalidation and underpinning in-depth theory, there are a few annoying and confusing aspects. Continuity in wording is lacking: ‘fitness for practice’ and ‘fitness to practise’ are both used.

The introductory chapter lacks focus, but those on continuing professional development (CPD), feedback, reflection, reflective discussion and confirmation are informative. Excellent examples of CPD and feedback are provided, although the section on the latter lacks clear guidance in linking to the NMC code.

Reflection is demystified – models of reflection are explored and all sections are clearly underpinned by theory.

Reflective discussion and confirmation chapters outline registrant and employer responsibilities, signpost to supporting material, and provide useful appraisal links.

The level of underpinning theory, although useful to some, may be too detailed for registrants looking for revalidation guidance only. Conversely the practice hours section could be expanded.

Reviewed by Carolyn Middleton, professional development and revalidation lead nurse for Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

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