Book review: Reflection for Nursing Life: Principles, Process and Practice

Reflection for Nursing Life: Principles, Process and Practice

John McKinnon


£25.99 | 138pp

ISBN: 9781138787599

For some nurses, reflection has become synonymous with descriptive storytelling and brief consideration of one’s feelings, required perhaps when writing an essay. In this book reflection is presented in a personalised and accessible way, helping us turn our everyday experiences into meaningful learning; the antithesis of simply fulfilling what we think the Nursing and Midwifery Council expects of us.

The book presents a positive approach to reflection. Early chapters explore self-awareness and the art of reflection. In subsequent chapters principles for sound reflective practice, reflection as a learning tool, learning through critical incidents and models of reflection are explored.

Tranformative learning

Closing pages discuss transformative learning and the presentation of a new framework to guide reflective practice. Stories, narratives, open questions and practical exercises appear throughout to help challenge our thinking.

Cancer nurses would find the opening chapters especially useful if held in the library. Practice educators and those engaged in education or academic study will appreciate the complete book as a guide to the promotion of emotionally intelligent and thoughtful nursing practice.

Reviewed by Alison Finch, matron, Children and Young People’s Cancer Service, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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