Book review: Problem Solving Through Precision Oncology

Doreen Molloy reviews Problem Solving Through Precision Oncology.

Problem Solving Through Precision Oncology

Ellen R Copson, Peter Hall, Ruth E Board et al

Clinical Publishing

£39.95 | 256pp

ISBN: 9781846921117

Problem Solving Through Precision Oncology offers an interesting insight into the cutting edge of contemporary cancer management. The book is timely given the current focus on personalised medicine and the increasing number of targeted anticancer agents in development and clinical practice.

It comprises a number of short chapters covering some of the most recent developments in precision oncology, followed by a series of case studies designed to show the application of these in clinical practice.

Each section has a useful conclusion and a summary of learning points.

The format makes the book attractive for those who seek a general overview of current precision oncology, although it means that nurses working in tumour site-specific fields may find the content rather limited with regard to their area of practice.


A reasonable knowledge of genetics and genomics is needed to navigate some of the science-heavy content

In some ways, the book raises more questions than it answers regarding personalised medicine. The authors acknowledge that the field is dynamic and rapidly changing, and that some of the developments are unlikely to make it into standard clinical practice, certainly in the short term.

That said, this book will appeal to experienced nurses working in cancer genetics, clinical trials, those undertaking further study in cancer nursing and those whose role requires them to discuss targeted therapies with patients.

Reviewed by Doreen Molloy, lecturer and deputy programme director, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing, University of Glasgow

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