Book review: Connecting with Cancer

Practice development nurse Clare Warnock reviews a collection personal stories from people affected by the disease

Connecting with Cancer

R R Hall
Melrose Books
£10.99 | 184pp
ISBN: 9781912026357

The inspiration for this book came from a local cancer support charity called Cancer Connections, which identified the benefits of people sharing their experiences of cancer with others.

The book contains a collection of stories told by people who have been affected by cancer. It covers a wide range of subjects concerning the cancer pathway, including emotional responses, physical challenges and the effect of the disease on everyday life.

The reader will find insights that bring to life the significant challenges faced by people with cancer. Some will provide new perspectives as the collection exemplifies how responses to cancer and its treatment are individual and varied.

This is not an academic book; rather than to provide analysis or commentary, its intention was to let the stories speak for themselves and its use in an academic context is limited. The book’s strength lies in its contribution to understanding the diverse experiences of people living with cancer and could also be a useful resource for sharing with patients.

Reviewed by Clare Warnock, practice development nurse, Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield

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