Book review: Advanced Nursing Practice and Nurse-led Clinics in Oncology

Macmillan associate professor Karen Campbell and Macmillan lecturer Emma Trotter review Advanced Nursing Practice and Nurse-led Clinics in Oncology.

Advanced Nursing Practice and Nurse-led Clinics in Oncology

Advanced Nursing Practice

Carole Farrell (Ed)


£29.99 | 180pp

ISBN: 9780415746502

This book provides a comprehensive and practical guide for oncology nurses advancing their practice and developing nurse-led clinics.

The editor’s passion for advancing oncology nursing practice is impressive. It is based on her aspiration to improve patient experience and continuity of care. She does this by providing readers with a practical, patient-centred approach to delivering advanced practice using personal and colleagues' experiences.

The chapters take readers through nursing developments and policy influences, clinical leadership and autonomy, non-medical prescribing, to compassionate and effective communication.

Case study examples

This leads into developing and evaluating nurse-led clinics with practical case study examples of how this can be achieved in the real world in a variety of treatment and research settings. Ten tips for setting up nurse-led clinics are included.

The strength of this book is the editor’s own clinical experience, however, it is supported with a wealth of research evidence and relevant policy. This makes the book an essential read for any nurse undertaking further training or delivering advanced practice.

Reviewed by Karen Campbell, Macmillan associate professor and Emma Trotter, Macmillan lecturer, Edinburgh Napier University 

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