Macmillan cancer nurses redeployed to help with the COVID-19 crisis

Along with hundreds of Macmillan Cancer Nurses being redeployed to help in the current pandemic, the charity is also offering funding and digital resources

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Hundreds of Macmillan Cancer Support nurses have been redeployed to help with the COVID-19 crisis, the charity revealed as it warned that cancer patients must not be forgotten in the pandemic.

So far, an estimated 400 nurses working with the cancer charity have moved to different areas of their hospitals depending on where they are needed.

Macmillan Cancer Support information centre manager Alison Boyd is one nurse who has volunteered to rejoin the NHS at the Nightingale Hospital in London.

Outstanding care in challenging times

Picture of Alison Boyd
Alison Boyd

‘Clear and kind communication will be hugely important,’ Ms Boyd said, adding that compassion is especially important as some patients are not allowed to see their families or loved ones.

‘We all want to provide outstanding care, in a challenging time and colleagues from the NHS, military and ambulance services are really pulling together.’

In response to nurses being redeployed, the charity is investing £5 million to address patients’ needs during the pandemic.

The charity wants to use the money to fund new roles or purchase IT equipment to help cancer patients speak with their loved ones.

Macmillan invests funds to alleviate pressure on the NHS

Macmillan is also rolling out a series of digital initiatives to help patients and healthcare professionals during the pandemic.

These include:

Macmillan chief executive officer Lynda Thomas said it is investing the funds to alleviate the pressure on the NHS.

‘It is critical we don’t forget that people continue to be diagnosed with cancer each day and still need vital treatment and support,’ she added.

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