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A referral pathway to community pharmacy for patients on oral anticancer medication

This article looks at a study set out to establish the feasibility of a referral pathway

‘Other-unproven’: US research and its implications for complementary therapies in UK

Insights into ways complementary therapists could play a useful role in new models of care

Spirituality care: assessing the spiritual needs of people with cancer

Unmet spiritual needs can lead to distress and further aggravate a diagnosis of cancer

Unmet needs in patients with high risk uveal melanoma undergoing liver surveillance

This audit provides a snapshot of the issues faced by patients with a rare form of cancer

Effect of dilution and delivery speed on phlebitis after epirubicin chemotherapy

Ensuring the right concentration of saline could reduce risk of pain during administration

Is online chat a solution or barrier to communicating with people with prostate cancer?

Methods of communication have become less personal and more reliant on technology

Psychological effects of choosing active surveillance on men with prostate cancer

The psychological effects of active surveillance and how nurses can support patients

How people with myeloma perceive patient-reported outcome measures

Views of patients and family members about commonly used patient-reported outcome measures

Sexual activity after treatment for head and neck cancer: the experience of survivors

It is critical that healthcare providers meet the informational needs of this population

Coming out in cancer care: is disclosure of sexual orientation beneficial?

Nurses and other health professionals are expected to ask patients about sexual orientation

Collaborative working in cancer pain management

How a specialist palliative care team and acute pain service can work together

A changing identity: a focus group study of the experiences of women diagnosed with...

Aim This aim of the study was to explore the information and support needs of women with...
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Supportive care needs of people with pancreatic cancer: a literature review

Quality of life is crucial to people with pancreatic cancer due to poor survival rates and...

Needs of bereaved parents following the death of a child or young person from cancer

Parental grief is unlike any other grief and is physically and emotionally overwhelming....

Can community pharmacy practitioners support patients who take oral anticancer...

As more oral anticancer agents are available community pharmacy practitioners (CPPs) may...

Providing information early in the clinical pathway for people with prostate cancer

The National Cancer Survivorship Initiative recommends offering health and well-being...

Enhancing well-being and resilience in people living with cancer. Part 1

Receiving a new diagnosis of cancer or recurrent disease is distressing. Increasing numbers...

The experience of mastectomy patients on the 23-hour pathway

Aim To explore the experiences of women with breast cancer undergoing a mastectomy and...