Valerie McGurk

Nursing Standard

All Patients Great and Small – Tales of a Rural District Nurse

Based on stories from patients during the author’s days as a district nurse, this book is packed with humour, sadness and hope.

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Nightingales at War

Fans of Call the Midwife will love this sixth book in the Nightingales series, which is set in the east end of London in the 1940s and sees the Nightingale nurses doing their bit for king and country during the second world war.

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Developing Person-Centred Practice. A Practical Approach to Quality Healthcare

This is an excellent text with clearly written content, which helps practitioners to develop patient-centred practices suitable for a modern health service.

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Pharmacology Case Studies for Nurse Prescribers

A useful and practical accompaniment for those studying nurse prescribing, this textbook is also a valuable resource for practitioners qualified in this extended role and those who prescribe and administer medications daily.

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Born Wise – New Knowledge That Will Change Your Views On Children Forever

Based on her years of experience as a family health nurse, author Lena Dyhrberg challenges the traditional perception that children are born inarticulate like vessels waiting to be filled with knowledge and experiences, and instead suggests children are born with intuition and an understanding of everything we say.

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The Man Who Didn’t Go To Newcastle

Alison Clink is well known as a short story writer but this book is a poignant and moving memoir written in tribute to her late brother, Adrian.