Tricia Scott

Emergency Nurse

Stabbing injuries

Low velocity penetrating injuries commonly occur in the younger adult male. In a study of 80, 20-39 year olds in a Teeside hospital, 71 cases of penetrating injuries involved males. Within this group, four categories emerged; 20 stabbing injuries, four traumatic amputations and three gunshot wounds (1). From these figures it is necessary to clarify the meaning of the terms laceration and stabbing. 'Hie former is a tear to the flesh causing disruption of the skin structure, the latter is classified as a low velocity penetrating injury in which trauma is caused by a single blade, but may be multiple. This is compared with medium and high energy trauma associated with firearms, where tumble and fragmentation of bullets lead to secondary tissue trauma (2).

Emergency Nurse

Sudden death in A&E

The aim of this article is to explore the care provided for distressed relatives in the A&E department after the occurrence of a sudden death.