Tim Harrison

Cancer Nursing Practice

A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer

Musical about living with cancer aims to be 'rip-roaring' celebration

Alzheimer's test
Nursing Standard

Alzheimer’s disease ‘harder to diagnose in men'

Women may seem more likely to develop dementia because it is harder to detect in men.

Healthy diet
Nursing Standard

A healthy diet may be key to preventing gout flares

The diet used to lower blood pressure can also be effective at reducing gout attacks

Increase fitness rates
Nursing Standard

Cut chronic disease risk by doing five times more exercise

Recommended exercise minimums need to increase significantly to reduce the risk of serious...

Female horse-riding
Nursing Standard

Women experience needless breast pain when horse-riding

Better-fitting sports bras could ease breast pain suffered by two in five female horse-...

trampoline park
Nursing Standard

Trampolining’s popularity leads to bounce in injury levels

Child injury rates are rising as trampoline parks gain in popularity

Open door health
Nursing Standard

Locked doors do not help patient wellbeing in mental health units

Prevention of suicides or reducing absconding is not improved by restricting freedom.

Coeliac disease in young
Nursing Standard

How your date of birth may determine your gluten tolerance

When and where you were born could be linked to heightened risk of developing coeliac...

Nursing Children and Young People

Active toddlers are less likely to grow obese

Sedentary spells in young children should be limited, say researchers.

Recovery position
Nursing Children and Young People

Knowledge of recovery position reduces hospital admission rate

Brief account of ‘Recovery position significantly associated with a reduced admission rate...

Binge eating
Nursing Children and Young People

Expressing anger positively could reduce eating disorders

Brief account of ‘Binge eating and childhood emotional abuse: a mediating role for anger’

Nursing Older People

All that glisters is not gold

Tim Harrison's mother passed her dementia test with flying colours – even pointing out...

Ms Jones
Cancer Nursing Practice

Triage pioneer aims to transform emergency care pathways for patients with cancer.

Philippa Jones' pioneering emergency care triage tool has won her a top award

Nursing Standard

Seeing Scutari brings you closer to the Florence Nightingale story

Visiting Scutari is an unbeatable way to explore the legacy of Florence Nightingale

Nursing Management

Food and drink message has to work down from the top

Fresh guidance aimed at reducing poor nutrition and hydration in patients places more responsibility on senior nurses and clinical commissioners to ensure that messages trickle down to staff at all levels.

Learning Disability Practice

Poor advice exposes children to risk of sexual abuse

Children with learning disabilities are more vulnerable to sexual exploitation than other children because they are given sub-standard advice from poorly trained professionals