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Nursing Older People

Prompt treatment with alteplase essential for patients with severe ischaemic stroke

Assessing the risks in patients grouped together by stroke severity and knowing the outcomes.

diabetes foot
Nursing Older People

Diabetes education should include information about foot self-care

Caring for the feet is just as important for patients who have diabetes new research finds.

Beta Blockers
Nursing Older People

Beta blockers and mortality after myocardial infarction in patients without heart failure

Assessing the association between early treatment with beta blockers and mortality rates.

dementia swallowing
Nursing Older People

People with dementia can follow written instructions to swallow safely

Study looked at using written instructions to improve safety of eating and drinking in...

Nursing Older People

Health professionals should support people with COPD to stay well

Study explores chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and its effects.

Antipsychotics prescribing in dementia patients
Nursing Older People

National Dementia Strategy not associated with reduced antipsychotic prescribing

Antipsychotics were developed for people with schizophrenia or psychosis but are sometimes...

Cancer Nursing Practice

Geriatric assessments must be carried out to identify depression in cancer patients

The risks of failing to diagnose clinical depression can result in patients being deprived...

Nursing Older People

How older people store and use food could cause listeriosis

People with weakened immunity are known to be at increased risk of foodborne disease such as...

Nursing Older People

Prevention is best strategy for Alzheimer's disease

Diet, mental challenges and exercise help to slow disease development

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Whole grain consumption and mortality

Latest research from the nursing and scientific journals

Nursing Older People

Changes to the gastrointestinal tract

Latest research from the nursing and scientific journals

Nursing Older People

Complications of deep vein thrombosis

Latest research from the nursing and scientific journals

Dad's not all there anymore book cover

Book review: Dad’s Not All There Any More

Explore the changes that occur from dementia.

Nursing Older People

Role of genetic factors in pain after hip replacement

In recent years, increasing attention has been given to the contribution of genetic factors in the variability of patients’ experiences of pain and the effectiveness of pain management.

Nursing Older People

Higher potato intake associated with hypertension risk

The aim of three US prospective longitudinal cohort studies was to determine whether a higher intake of baked or boiled potatoes, French fries or chips and mashed potatoes was associated with incidence of hypertension.

Nursing Older People

Carers are not always seeking out the support they may need

‘Hidden carers’ refers to informal carers who may not recognise themselves as carers and so do not, or struggle to, access support. This may apply to carers of people with long-term conditions, such as heart disease, whose role involves more emotional work than practical tasks.

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Exercise and dance offer multiple benefits after breast operations

Radiotherapy is administered to most women after breast-conserving surgery for cancer and to some women after mastectomy.

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Saturated fat may not be as bad for us after all

The traditional diet-heart hypothesis predicts that replacing saturated fat with vegetable oil rich in linoleic acid will reduce coronary heart disease events and deaths by lowering serum cholesterol. Older studies have shown that these dietary changes do indeed reduce serum cholesterol, but the clinical benefits of this have never been clearly demonstrated.