Rhonda Wilson

Scientific models for qualitative research: a textual thematic analysis coding system: part 1

Scientific models generated through a textual thematic analysis coding system: part 1

Qualitative modelling creates semantic structure expressed via theme-code, content and functionality

Embracing technology

Digital technology: why nurses need to be at the centre of new developments

Nurse researchers must contribute to the meaningful design and implementation of innovations

International networks: using conferences and site visits to improve care of young...

Nursing care makes a significant contribution to the mental health of young people worldwide. Three quarters of all mental illness begins before people reach the age of 25. Advocacy for improving the care of young people with mental health problems is progressing on a global scale, but despite this, services continue to lag behind the most innovative aspirations. Dialogue in the context of international nursing conferences and site visits is beneficial for improving mental health care for young people generally. This article discusses some lessons learned during discussions that were triggered by scholarly exchange of ideas in the context of a nursing conference. Some themes were identified, as was the need to enhance international nursing collaborations and dialogues to improve mental health nursing practice for the care of young people.