Megan O’Connor

Speech therapy

Interprofessional working between intellectual disability nurses and speech and...

Communicating effectively, interprofessionally and with adults with intellectual disabilities, and relevant support staff are vital components of person-centred communication assessments. Essentially, registered nurses in intellectual disability (RNIDs) – the term used in Ireland –and speech and language therapists (SLTs) need to work well together. This article describes communication assessment tools used with and for adults with intellectual disabilities, and discusses the skills and expertise inherent in the role of RNIDs and SLTs when supporting comprehensive holistic communication assessments. The article also makes recommendations for practice.

World Café

World Café: a proactive approach to working with mentors

Mentors are vital for supporting nursing students’ learning in practice, but increasing demands on registered nurses can make this a challenging part of their role. This article describes how a new education team in Jersey used the World Café approach to working with mentors on a mentor update day. It explains how the café environment helped mentors to share ideas, develop opportunities to support students’ learning in practice areas, increase interdepartmental working and increased communication between the education department and mentors.

Respiratory care

The role of nurses in supporting people with intellectual disabilities to manage asthma

People with intellectual disabilities have greater health needs than the general population, however they also experience greater inequality in accessing healthcare. Registered intellectual disability nurses (RNIDs) have a primary role in supporting these patients to access adequate healthcare and experience optimal health. Asthma affects many people with intellectual disabilities. This article gives an overview of the condition and discusses RNIDs’ role in supporting people to manage their own condition.

Choosing Nursing: From Application to Offer and Beyond

This book is a must for anyone considering a career in nursing – whether as a first career, as a mature student or a return-to-practice nurse.