Marc Cornock

Vector image of figures in fancy dress. Even if you own your uniform, before lending it out remember you need to uphold the image of the profession and respect your employer.
Nursing Standard

Can I lend my nursing uniform to a friend to wear at a fancy dress party?

It may seem harmless, but you need to consider the image of the profession and your employer

woman sits at her desk, looking at her phone and blowing her nose
Nursing Standard

When does feeling unwell tip over into being too sick to work?

There are degrees of sickness and not all of them mean nurses are unfit for any work at all

A person undertaking CPR on a patient
Nursing Standard

Why the current rules mean only a DNAR can offer certainty on resuscitation

Until the NMC clarifies its position on CPR, nurses and employers may face a practice...

Exploring the public perspectives of e-professionalism in nursing
Nursing Management

Exploring public perspectives of e-professionalism in nursing

Public perceptions of the acceptability of nurses’ online behaviours and e-professionalism

woman looking at healthcare professional
Nursing Standard

Legal advice: What can I do if a patient with fluctuating mental capacity refuses care?

Issues to consider when a patient’s capacity to give consent is intermittent

Staff rota
Nursing Standard

Can I swap shifts with another nurse if they haven’t seen the rota yet?

It may seem like a simple switch, but there’s usually more to it, advises Marc Cornock

nurse holds a pint glass
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Legal advice: Can I wear my nursing uniform to the pub after a shift?

Here's why off-duty and uniform might not be a great look

a visiting friend
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Legal advice: Can friends visit me at work while I am on duty?

It’s best to meet your friends when you’re on your break – or wait until you’ve finished work

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Legal advice: Can I eat leftover meals intended for patients?

Nurses who eat spare meals allocated to patients could be in breach of the Code

woman presents to conference
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Legal advice: Can I accept a fee for giving a presentation at a conference?

As a nurse, it's important to avoid being seen to endorse a product or service

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Legal advice: Are patients allowed to read their bedside notes?

Patients are sometimes allowed to see bedside notes but have no automatic right to do so

Illustration of someone at a computer booking a hotel for their holiday
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Legal advice: Can I take my annual leave when I want?

Holiday allowance is a legal right but when you take it must be arranged with your employer

Nurses liable for making medication errors
Nursing Standard

Gosport scandal: nurses need to be aware of the liabilities of making medication errors

Nurses could be struck off or even face criminal charges for administering medicines wrongly

Victoria Gillick
Nursing Children and Young People

Victoria Gillick, consent and the rights of the child

A court case more than three decades ago helped to define the rights of children under 16 to decide their own treatment

Nursing Standard

Implications for nurses who give first aid outside of work

Although the UK does not have a Good Samaritan law, nurses have a duty to help

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Can employers read personal messages sent via work email?

With the current focus on data protection, the answer may surprise you

Nursing Standard

Legal advice: Do I have to report a parking fine to the Nursing and Midwifery Council?

The Nursing and Midwifery Council requires nurses and midwives to report any convictions or cautions they receive, but do parking fines and other fixed-penalty motoring offences fall within this category?

Nursing Standard

Legal advice: Can I claim exemption from jury service if I am running a clinic on the proposed dates? 

Healthcare professionals used to be able to claim exemption from jury service, but it is now seen as a civic responsibility shared by everyone. Even if you ask to be excused, your jury service would likely be deferred rather than an exemption being given