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Nursing Children and Young People

Cash incentives may encourage breastfeeding rates early on

Offering financial incentives may increase breastfeeding rates marginally at six to eight weeks.

Nursing Older People

Older people benefit from comprehensive assessment in hospital

Research shows that for every 20 patients who receive comprehensive geriatric assessments on admission to hospital, one can avoid admission to a care home.

Nursing Older People

Time to nominate nurse of the year

Celebrate excellence in older people’s nursing by proposing a colleague or team.

Nursing Children and Young People

Researchers may have found out why some children with asthma do not respond to treatment

Constraint of transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 may help to reduce the effect of respiratory syncytial virus infection in children

Nursing Children and Young People

Study finds novel smoking prevention programme in children had little effect

Intervention focused on ethics and exploitative tactics in the tobacco industry.

Nursing Children and Young People

Trial examines the benefits of statin treatment in lowering blood pressure

Global cardio-renal intervention trial sets out to understand the long-term complications of cardiovascular disease in young people with type 1 diabetes.

Nursing Older People

Improving social isolation and mental well-being through intergenerational music sessions

In a bid to improve residents' health and well-being, one care home in Oxfordshire holds free intergenerational music sessions, where residents and children are engaged in melody making.

Nursing Older People

‘Be curious about people and always show compassion’

Research director Professor Tanya McCance on embedding person-centred care in practice across different settings.

Emergency Nurse

Perception of quality care higher in paediatric emergency departments

Nurses perceive the quality of care to be higher for children in paediatric emergency departments (EDs) than in general EDs, according to a study.

Emergency Nurse

High levels of burnout among emergency department staff, Chinese study finds

A Chinese study examines the relationship between satisfaction and burnout in the emergency department, and the implications this has on staying in their role.

Alex Bolt and Paul Carruthers
Nursing Children and Young People

Transgender issues: ‘Referrals have gone through the roof’

Despite an eight-month waiting list, a four-stage care pathway assessment and an assortment of clinical tests, the number of young people over the age of 14 who want to change gender has increased significantly since 1989

Nursing Children and Young People

Leaving a lasting legacy: Gwen Kirby

Gwen Kirby’s predecessors may not have attended Great Ormond Street Hospital’s (GOSH) committees and board meetings, but that did not stop this matron from finding a place at the table.

Nursing Older People

‘Treat each older person as an individual and always care with a smile’

Double award-winning falls coordinator Sharon Love explains why she feels so passionately about her work.

Emergency Nurse

Assessing triage nurses and emergency physicians on their interpretation of the C-3PO rule

A study has found almost perfect interrater reliability between triage nurses and emergency physicians in interpreting the C-3PO rule when evaluating children with head trauma.

Emergency Nurse

Stress and anxiety in paediatric patient safety events

The clinical situations in which stress and anxiety are more likely to contribute to paediatric patient safety events are trauma, respiratory distress and cardiac issues, a study has revealed.

Nursing Standard

Meningitis and septicaemia vaccinations

Essential facts on the latest drive to boost the number of teenagers vaccinated against meningitis.

Nursing Standard

New guidance on oxygen use in adults

Updated guidance from the British Throacic Society on oxygen use in adults.

Emergency Nurse

Guidance on oxygen use in adults

Correct oxygen training is a concern in most hospitals across the UK, and more guidance is needed to correctly administer in hospitals, report finds.