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Ian Hulatt: Prince Harry’s honesty may mark a turning point in attitudes to mental health

The prince may lead a privileged life but his courageous revelation of mental distress has relevance for all of us.

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Ian Hulatt: bereavement by suicide is a distinctive kind of loss

People who have lost a loved one to suicide need to be treated with skill and compassion, says the RCN's Ian Hulatt.

Suicide prevention
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Identifying nurses’ needs in relation to suicide awareness and prevention

Aim To gain insight into nurses’ suicide awareness and prevention training, their confidence in engaging in conversations about suicide, and the barriers and enablers affecting their engagement and future training in this area. Method An electronic survey was carried out with members of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). A total of 415 RCN members responded to the survey. The survey included qualitative and quantitative questions about barriers to engaging in conversations about suicide, and nurses’ suicide awareness and prevention training needs. A thematic analysis was undertaken to identify the main themes. Findings Respondents identified several barriers to engaging in conversations about suicide, including: lack of time and resources; lack of skills, training and knowledge; insufficient service provision; and stigma. A range of suicide awareness and prevention training needs were identified, such as pre and post-registration training to increase nurses’ knowledge and skills, regular updates of evidence-based approaches, structured supervision and debriefs. Conclusion It is important for issues related to suicide to be addressed in all fields of nursing, and to be included in the pre-registration nurse education curriculum. Staff should be supported in developing the skills they already have and using their interactions with others to improve their confidence in undertaking conversations about suicide.

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Mental health nursing: ‘The accumulation of marginal gains’

Results in mental health care can be slow but the rewards are vast, especially for nurses with the right qualities, says Ian Hulatt.

Distressed boy
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Recognising mental health problems and reducing stigma is not enough

The prime minister’s enlightened views on mental health are welcome, but what young people in distress really need is help close to home.

when a patient says
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When a patient says ‘I want to kill myself – don’t tell anyone’

The RCN's adviser on mental health explains when to override the need for...

Depressed image
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It's time to ditch these mental health stereotypes

The ‘head clutcher’ picture of someone with their head in their hands has become yet another cliche , says Ian Hulatt.

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A century of stigma

Ian Hulatt explains why mental health patients are still excluded