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Developing the mindful nurse practitioner

Developing the mindful nurse practitioner

Evidence for, and benefits of, offering mindfulness programmes during nurse education

Picture shows a scene from the movie Joker in which the star, Joaquin Phoenix, wearing clown makeup, is looking at a mirror on which has been written, ‘Put on a happy face.’ The article argues that Joker’s portrayal of mental illness is worrying. 

Joker distorts link between mental illness and violence

Joker is playing to packed cinemas, but its portrayal of mental illness is worrying

illustration shows figure surrounded by security cameras – as trial suggests some benefits from their use

Body cameras and why nurses should keep an open mind

Use of bodycams needs more research, but evidence suggests they may have a role

exhausted community nurse sits slumped in her car

NHS staff sickness data reveal the toll emotional labour takes on our mental health

Let’s not allow mental health problems to become the new back pain for nurses

Genes illustration forming face. Picture: iStock

Physical causes of anorexia: how research may change the way nurses are trained

Findings could influence the care we provide and remove stigma for patients

Protection against mental ill-health should be available to all – even nurses

Prevention is a novel concept in mental health, but its importance should not be overlooked

Self-harm consultation

Leave judgement at the door when talking about self-harm

Like many harmful coping strategies, self-harm provides short-term relief

Pressure to cope is damaging our mental health

Nursing needs to acknowledge it’s okay not to be okay

The benefits of being a peer reviewer

Four of our reviewers discuss the rewards of encouraging others to publish with RCNi


When the patient doesn’t want to be cured

Individuals’ positivity about aspects of their condition can be hard for nurses to understand

Don't rush to lift e-cigarette bans in mental healthcare settings

Allowing vaping risks more than a return to smoke-filled rooms

Ian Hulatt: Melancholy disputes over effectiveness of antidepressants

A huge review of the evidence has found antidepressants are more effective than placebos. But what works and what doesn’t in the treatment of depression is far from straightforward

Ian Hulatt: Resilience doesn’t mean coping at all costs

Warning signs that the nursing workforce is in trouble have been apparent for years. The...

Matter over mind: physical causes of mental illness

The old argument that the roots of mental illness may lie in the body, not the mind, has...

Ian Hulatt: Online self-assessment of mental health problems could facilitate patients...

Self-diagnosis via the internet: democratisation of health or dangerous mistake?

Ian Hulatt: Celebrating 30 years of progress in mental health nursing

Nursing Standard celebrates its 30th birthday this month. Much has been achieved in mental...

Ian Hulatt: Will the money tree grow another branch for mental health service reform?

Government plans to create thousands of new mental health nursing posts are welcome but...

Ian Hulatt: Everyone needs the health benefits of being outdoors

Care homes and services for people with mental health problems should act on evidence that...