Howard Catton

Applauding NHS workers
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COVID-19: the love being shown to nurses needs to translate into action

When the applause quietens, nurses must be assured they will be equipped to do their job

Head nurse Sun Chun, left, writes the name of her colleague Li Yunmo on her protective suit at the First Hospital of Wuhan City in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province
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COVID-19 has seen nurses around the world do what nurses always do: step up

To support them, governments must provide the protective equipment teams need, says ICN chief

illustration shows planet earth in colours suggesting parts are flooded, others are overheated
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Climate change is a global issue, but nurses see its effects close-up

Health threats from global warming make the need to end the nurse shortage extra-urgent

Howard Catton
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Let’s make 2020 our chance to push for more nurse funding

Year of the Nurse and Midwife presents an opportunity to advance the profession

Picture shows a woman talking to a counsellor about anxiety and depression. A five-year initiative by the WHO seeks to ensure access to high quality and affordable mental health care for an additional 100 million people in 12 countries.
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WHO’s $60 million mental health initiative should not ignore nursing

Nurses are strangely absent from the World Health Organization’s five-year mental health plan

Nurse leader talks to colleague in a ward setting
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What well-resourced nursing practice can achieve – if nations invest in it

We need a world where governments pay nurses more, and pay for more nurses

Nurses confer in a hospital ward in Uganda
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We face a worldwide shortage of 9 million nurses

Urgent action is needed to avoid the catastrophic nursing shortage predicted by WHO

Nurse in Kenya attends to a patient
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Patient safety is just not possible without the right number of nurses

World Patient Safety Day helps us focus on what the evidence says about the role of nurses

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
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My message for every nurse: policy matters so make sure you help shape it

ICN’s Howard Catton calls on all nurses to get involved in politics and decision-making

2020, Year of the Nurse and Midwife
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How nurses can use their expertise to influence global health policy

ICN chief Howard Catton looks at what the Year of the Nurse and Midwife has in store

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Time for a seismic shift in global healthcare

Investment in primary care is the change the world needs, says ICN director Howard Catton

Nursing Now
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Changing how policymakers view us will help Nursing Now campaign meet its aims

There is plenty of hard evidence to back the case for investment in nurses

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Howard Catton: Nurses must lead from the front by getting the flu jab

The World Health Organization estimates that up to 650,000 deaths a year are attributable to flu. By having the flu vaccination, nurses can set an example to patients and help them make the right health choices, says International Council of Nurses nursing director Howard Catton

Howard Catton
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Howard Catton: Nursing will be a powerhouse for global change in 2018

With a new chief nursing officer at the WHO and the start of the Nursing Now! campaign, 2018 will be a key year for nursing globally, says ICN nursing director Howard Catton.

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Howard Catton: Nursing needs to think globally

Challenges facing the planet have major health implications, which require action not talk, says ICN's policy director.

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Howard Catton: Hospitals must change or become monuments to disease

The vision of the 1978 Alma-Ata Declaration, which recognised that improved access to primary care is critical for achieving health for all, remains true but progress has faltered, says ICN director of nursing and health policy Howard Catton.

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Howard Catton: WHO director-general’s address marks a major moment for nursing

Just days after being elected, the new director-general of the World Health Organization told nurses at ICN Congress they are the linchpin to addressing global health challenges.

catton workforce
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Howard Catton: Every country must commit to improving nurses’ working conditions

Growing problems due to staff shortages in healthcare around the world mean countries need to take steps to attract and retain nurses, says Howard Catton.