Georgina O’Reilly-Foley

Patient rapport

Patient rapport

A CPD article improved Georgina O’Reilly-Foley’s understanding of developing rapport and trust between nurses and patients.

Nurse-patient relationship

Nurse-patient relationships

A CPD article improved Georgina O’Reilly-Foley’s knowledge of developing effective therapeutic relationships with patients.

Blood sample

HIV testing and diagnosis

A CPD article enhanced Georgina O’Reilly-Foley’s understanding of testing for, and early diagnosis of, human immunodeficiency virus.

pensive nurse


A CPD article improved Georgina O’Reilly-Foley’s understanding of how mindfulness can be used to reduce stress and enhance compassionate care.


It was interesting to read the CPD article on rounding, which involves regularly checking on patients throughout the day. With the current uncertainty around staffing levels and consistency in nursing, it was a timely reminder of the benefits of rounding. On placement recently, rounding was known as care rounds.

Student life - Be clever on training shifts

Welcome to the most exciting journey of your working life. During your nurse training, you may feel every emotion under the sun and will gain insight into a whole new world of knowledge, experience and people. Here are some survival tips to get you ready for your first shift.

Starting out - Inspiring day made me think ‘what else is happening with my patient?’

I was on annual leave when I was given the opportunity to spend a day with the stoma care clinical nurse specialist (CNS).

Nutrition in dementia

This CPD article provided tools and strategies to help healthcare professionals adopt a holistic approach when caring for patients with dementia.

Starting out - Overweight patient showed me the importance of simply listening

My second clinical placement was with the district nurses. This involved lots of dressings, loads of learning, and the occasional pet under my feet.