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Anorexia: a literature review of young people’s experiences of hospital treatment

Anorexia: a literature review of young people’s experiences of hospital treatment

A literature review on the experiences of young people who have received hospital treatment for anorexia

Dave Wright

Providing a better experience for young people with cancer

Youth support coordinators help young people with cancer from diagnosis to post-treatment

Administering medication to adult patients with dysphagia

Medication administration errors are almost twice as frequent in mental health inpatients with swallowing difficulties than those without. Similar research has not been done in non mental-health patients. But dysphagia is a common symptom and this supplement aims to outline and describe the reasoning behind the national guidelines on medication administration in dysphagia, to promote safe administration of medicines and reduce the level of errors associated with medication administration in dysphagia.

Educational support for nursing and midwifery students with dyslexia

Aim This article sets out to begin the process of discussing and investigating the support of nursing students and midwives with dyslexia. Method The method is informed by grounded theory using a survey of universities through email contact with members of the Council of Deans (CoD). Results Twenty eight universities responded to the survey, representing 46 per cent of the CoD membership and 40 per cent of the universities offering nursing and midwifery courses. The results show a wide variation of support available to students within financial constraints. Many universities offer support funded by top-slicing or goodwill gestures. Conclusion Although concentrating on academic support, there are implications for practitioners who support students on clinical placements.