Christine Walker

Nursing Children and Young People

Neonatal care needs to put more emphasis on multiple births

A twins and multiple births report reveals regional variations in care, but how much can be read into the differences?

Learning Disability Practice editorial
Learning Disability Practice

The crisis facing learning disability nursing, is, sadly, all too real

Making a pitch for learning disability nursing

Nursing Children and Young People

Are children's nurses fit for the future? I think so

Delegates came from across the UK to attend the Children’s Nursing: Fit for the Future? conference, and nominations for this year’s RCNi Nurse Awards 2018 are now open

Nursing Children and Young People

Presumed consent to organ donation could be accepted UK-wide

Organ donation except where the person or family opts out has already been accepted in Wales.

Nursing Children and Young People

We need to reduce pressure on children’s services during winter

Hospital at home services are one way to keep acutely ill children out of hospital.

Nicky Lyall
Learning Disability Practice

Living life to the full and be supported to have a comfortable death

Supporting clients to live a life as full as it can possibly be, but also to have a good death when the time comes, is a challenge that Nicky Lyall and her team are tackling

Alex Bolt and Paul Carruthers
Nursing Children and Young People

Transgender issues: ‘Referrals have gone through the roof’

Despite an eight-month waiting list, a four-stage care pathway assessment and an assortment of clinical tests, the number of young people over the age of 14 who want to change gender has increased significantly since 1989

Sanitary products
Nursing Standard

Nurses are providing sanitary products for poorer pupils

So-called 'period poverty' is leading to some school nurses having to provide sanitary towels for pupils who cannot afford to buy them.

Nursing Children and Young People

Children can thrive on a blended diet

RCN Wales 2016 Nurse of the Year has developed a best-practice protocol for administering a blended diet for children with complex needs.

Learning Disability Practice

EXCLUSIVE: Future strategies for behaviour that challenges

A one-day event, organised by the Prison Reform Trust, University of Leeds, NHS Improvement and the National Autistic Society, was held in London to discuss future strategies for people who have learning disabilities and have committed a sexual offence.

Nursing Children and Young People

Allergenic foods should be introduced earlier in life to cut risks of developing allergies

An American review into allergenic food tolerance has found that introduction to certain food types earlier on in life can reduce the risks of developing allergies.

Nursing Children and Young People

Children become less physically active as they move through school

Children spend less time doing physical activity as they progress through primary school, research has found.

Learning Disability Practice

Celebrating the work of learning disability nurses

At a time where morale in learning disability nursing seems low, light can be found through the Positive Choices conference, and LD nurse Melanie Davies being awarded the top accolade in nursing.

Nursing Children and Young People

Children's Nursing: Fit for the Future?

Make your feelings known about the future of the children's nursing degree, as concerns...

Fauzia Yasmin Hussain
Learning Disability Practice

Channel 4 has exposed the frustrating inadequacies of institutional care

Dispatches investigation found that inpatients with learning disabilities at St Andrew's Healthcare were subject to shocking treatment.

Degree in the bin
Nursing Children and Young People

Is the children's nursing degree about to be scrapped?

Nursing Children and Young People editorial by Christine Walker.

Nursing Children and Young People

Keep the pressure on commissioners to fund children’s care

As demand for children’s care services rises, funding is being cut.