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Matron calling card
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‘Phenomenal’ feedback following launch of matron calling cards

The calling cards – produced by the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – includes the personal details of each matron or allied health professional leader alongside their photograph.

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England falling behind on child health services, report says

Child health services in England are falling behind those of the rest of the UK, says a report by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health that criticises what it calls the ‘destructive’ reductions in preventive services made by local authorities

Josie Irwin
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RCN's Josie Irwin urges negotiators to be realistic as nursing pay and contract talks resume

Talks on nursing pay and contract reforms have restarted with the RCN suggesting promised NHS funding be used to improve pay structures.

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Vulnerable patients most likely to fail to keep GP appointments

Socio-economic factors are a key indicator of why patients miss multiple GP appointments, researchers say

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Singing in groups shown to promote recovery, improve mental health

Singing in groups could help improve patients’ mental health, promoting a feeling of belonging and improved social skills and confidence, researchers say

Seacole mural
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Competition brings Mary Seacole legacy to primary pupils

Children at south London schools will create a piece of work for Mary Seacole Trust competition, and winners will become its first young ambassadors

Joan Norris and Yasmin Kamara
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Holistic community nursing model may be adopted following trial success

Improved autonomy of 'Buurtzorg' care model impresses staff at leading trust

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Depression linked to genes associated with mood, anxiety

People affected by depression may have genes associated with anxiety, worry and low mood, a study suggests

crowded waiting room
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Surge in A&E visits more due to complex conditions than shortcomings in GP care, study says

Emergency department presentations more to do with multiple conditions than shortcomings in GP care, study says

Trolley waits
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Health unions' letter urges Jeremy Hunt to 'stop and listen to the people that know the NHS best'

The RCN and other health unions have written a letter to the government demanding it releases emergency funds for the NHS

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Young drinkers needing hospital much more prone to injury later

Young people who drink to the extent that they need to be admitted to hospital are at a much higher risk of sustaining injuries in the following six months, researchers say

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Eating during the night raises risk of heart disease, diabetes

Eating during the night raises the risk of heart disease and diabetes as it disrupts the body’s 24-hour cycle, researchers say

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Older people with fewer teeth found more likely to be frail

Older people who lose the most teeth are at greatest risk of becoming frail because they can’t eat certain foods, a study shows

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Shopping voucher incentive helps increase low rates of breastfeeding

Providing a financial incentive to mothers can significantly improve breastfeeding rates in areas where they are historically low, a study shows

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Blood pressure falls in final years, showing need for personalised care

Blood pressure starts to gradually falls 14 years before death, showing the importance of personalising patient care, a study shows

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Staff retention plan urges trusts to ‘think imaginatively’ about how to keep nurses

NHS organisations are being challenged to ‘think imaginatively’ about persuading nurses to stay with them, helped by a staff retention resource from NHS Improvement based on best practice at 75 trusts across England

Becky Platt
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Nurses among emergency medical team flying out to Bangladesh refugee camp

UK health professionals respond to a deadly outbreak of diphtheria among 600,000 Rohingya people.

No ops for BME
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Report reveals chief nursing officer’s ‘increasing concern’ at lack of opportunities for BME staff at senior level

Chief nursing officer for England Jane Cummings calls on trusts to support BME candidates through application and interview process to boost diversity