Alison Moore

Care home staff with resident
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Social care in crisis: your questions answered

Can the government come up with a solution that works for individuals, carers and staff?

Integrated care
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Nurse leadership is central to success of the new integrated care systems

Nurses need a seat at the table if they're to improve integration and outcomes

man looking at nature with support of carer
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What could the UK learn from adult social care in Japan?

An ageing population and shrinking workforce forced Japan to rethink how it funds care

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Don’t assume, verify: how to halt transfusion errors

Strict routines and electronic tracking are helping to reduce the hazards of transfusion

Social care
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What will the pay deal mean for nurses outside the NHS?

Long-awaited pay rise may ‘shift’ NHS staffing problems to social care and GP practices

Lisa Skinner
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Clinical director: a suitable job for a nurse

Lisa Skinner is one of the first nurses to lead a diabetes department in an acute hospital

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Tapping into the wisdom of learning disabilities nurses

The RCN wants all acute hospitals to have 24-hour access to a learning disabilities liaison nurse, who can help develop policies and procedures for patients with learning disabilities and are experts at dispelling the anxiety felt by such patients when they enter hospital

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‘Prehab’ make patients fit for lifesaving surgery

Nurses in Bristol have found their ‘prehabilitation’ exercise plan helps patients improve their fitness so they can cope with cancer surgery

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Under pressure: what employers must do to reduce workplace stress

It is reckless of healthcare organisations to ignore signs of stress in their workforce or offer only superficial support. With the pressures on nurses reaching dangerous levels, the legal, moral and financial case for action is overwhelming

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Preceptorship: the London programme giving new nurses a flying start

Newly qualified nurses starting their career in London can look forward to good quality preceptorship thanks to the development of a framework by the Capital Nurse programme that standardises the support offered by employers’ schemes.

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Framework for change: supporting you to drive improvement

The Leading Change, Adding Value framework for nursing, midwifery and care staff is halfway through its three-year programme. With its unprecedented emphasis on staff as leaders its initial impact was greatest with senior managers. But the focus is now on how front-line staff can make a difference.

tax return forms
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Agency nurses beware the false lure of tax umbrellas

An arrangement that offers agency nurses quick payment and more money in their pocket than usual sounds tempting – but there’s a catch

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The barriers that prevent agency nurses from doing their job

Poor management of temporary staff means agency nurses often cannot use their full range of skills and experience

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Quality champions drive improvements that benefit patients and save millions

An NHS trust has used US-style improvement techniques to train hundreds of clinical and non-clinical staff to become quality champions. Nurses have responded to the initiative with enthusiasm

Virginia Mason Institute
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All ideas welcome: trusts empower staff to make improvements

Working in partnership with the US-based Virginia Mason Institute, five trusts are learning how to engage with staff across their organisations, put their ideas into practice, and improve quality and safety.

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Why your trust will be listening to your views

Organisations that want a good CQC rating will soon have to make extra efforts to engage with staff. This is good news for nurses who want to see problems fixed or services improved.

For sale sign
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NHS assets for sale

A government-commissioned report has recommended the NHS release cash by selling off land it no longer needs. Critics warn that a ‘fire sale’ of assets, including trust car parks and staff accommodation, is on its way. Caption is on its way.

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Why waiting times for elective treatment are getting longer – again

The NHS in England has reached a dubious milestone, with more than four million people waiting for treatment, including hundreds of thousands waiting beyond 18 weeks. Alison Moore examines the pressures driving the trend.